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Sterling’s GDPR countdown – six weeks to go

Continuing our countdown to GDPR compliance, Sterling is pleased to introduce our GDPR task force.

Established a year ago with representatives from across the business, Sterling’s internal task force is assisting with the integration of new and amended processes following our external Gap Analysis, as discussed in our previous article.

Step 2 – Integrate

Our GDPR task force is led by Leihlani Macdonald, Group Change Director and Kaelyn Choo, Change Manager.

Leihlani is ultimately accountable for ensuring Sterling meets the requirements of the new regulation. Leihlani says her other main objective is to ensure the journey is a positive, exciting experience and that it has actually been easier than expected.

“Having been accredited to ISO 27001 for quite some time, the transition to become GDPR compliant was much less demanding than initially thought. Compliance is ingrained into our culture and therefore integrating the changes has been much easier than expected, even somewhat enjoyable. Above all our people have made it easy. Recruiting a GDPR task force and champions was fun. Together we learnt, we questioned and we integrated”.

The Sterling GDPR taskforce

Leihlani and Kaelyn have recruited and trained a team of 33 professionals from across the business to act as a task force, supporting the integration of the GPDR into each Sterling service and support function.

Sharing their knowledge of the service they represent, the task force are:

  • Mapping data to track how information flows within Sterling to ensure our new processes are GDPR compliant
  • Assisting with the implementation of changes to their function or services following our external Gap Analysis
  • Conducting mini audits at random, for example, ensuring employees are locking their screens when away from their desks

Leanne Cottrell, Sterling’s Service Delivery Manager – Immigration is one member of the task force:

“For me, joining the task force was imperative due to the sensitive nature of the data we process for assignees. It has been the ideal opportunity to not only review processes and policies, but ensure they are unified across the business. I am pleased to report that, for the most part, our existing processes already met the requirements of the GDPR. It is important to my team that both clients and assignees have peace of mind that their data is secure and only used for the purposes for which is was provided to us, we are now confident this is the case ”.

Following successful integration of our new processes our task force will hand over to our champions, some of whom you will meet in the next step of Sterling’s countdown to GDPR compliance.

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