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How to make your next job in mobility your best one

We have compiled 7 tips for mobility professionals to help make your next career move as rewarding as possible;

1. Be careful of taking jobs for money.

Or to be more accurate, don’t ever take a job – just – for money. You’ll find ways of spending that extra income very quickly but the misery of taking the wrong job can last much longer.

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2. Lurching to opposites.

Sometimes when we are looking to move on from a current unsatisfying role, we can be tempted to jump a long way in the opposite direction. Opposite cultures in our next job, opposite styles of leadership, opposite mobility demographics.

Try and analyse as objectively as possible what it is that is unsatisfying in your current role, and seek to work in an environment where you only have to change the negatives.

3. Following the leader.

We all have bosses we love working for. And which boss doesn’t want to surround themselves with proven talent. However be careful of following a previous boss into a new company without ensuring you (and they) know exactly what you’re letting yourselves into. Your relationship with your boss is an important part of working life, but it’s still just a part.

4. When you’re moving up.

If one of the reasons for taking a new job is the ability to have more influence, be sure that you are confident you will actually get what you’re seeking. Will you have access to key stakeholders? Is mobility an established internal brand in your new role? Is it properly understood? Don’t be lured by a job title that’s not backed up with a mandate to effect change.

5. Make sure you don’t already have it.

Very many mobility practitioners enjoy rewarding and fulfilling careers by staying within the same organisation and indeed in the same role for many years. Be sure that change is what you truly want.

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6. Be sceptical of recruiters.

This might sound obvious but even the most well intentioned recruiters are in existence to make appointments happen. Remember that the employer is usually their client and that when this is the case they are negotiating with the employers interests first.


7. Deal with bad decisions quickly.

Even when you apply good due diligence in managing your career, sometimes it becomes evident that you’ve made a bad career move. Deal with this quickly. If the job has been misrepresented, or other factors outside of your control are going to impact your ability to enjoy and succeed, don’t linger. Life’s too short.

We hope these tips prove useful.


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