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Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth II – the most travelled head of state

During her 66 year reign, Queen Elizabeth II has visited over 120 countries, making history as the most travelled head of state.

All this travelling means she has numerous items she never travels without, including a feather pillow, pine scented soap and barley sugar sweets. Perhaps the most unusual home comfort Queen Elizabeth II never leaves behind is a hot water bottle, no matter where in the world she is going.

Working within global mobility we all travel extensively, whether it is for business or pleasure. In honour of the Queens official birthday on Saturday 21st April, we asked some members of the Sterling team which unusual items they never travel without. Some of the more practical answers we got included a portable washing line, a favourite coffee mug and tea bags, but most of the answers that came back caused for some strange looks in our offices.

In the APAC region, Erika Toomer, Sterling’s Business Development Director said she never travels without her cosy Christmas socks in her hand luggage; “you can understand the looks I get when putting them on once the plane takes off! Normally the rest of my attire is strictly business”.

On a similar note, Agata Sputowska, Service Delivery Director, won’t go anywhere without her comfy bunny rabbit slippers.

Continuing the footwear theme, David Renaud, Senior Global Immigration Consultant says “I never travel anywhere without my old, battered flip flops that I bought in the Caribbean about 15 years ago. They’ve been to Spain, Poland, India, Lithuania and beyond; they go with anything and it doesn’t feel right being away without them”.

David’s Caribbean flip flops might be comfortable but they also clearly have sentimental value. As does our Group Change Director, Leihlani Macdonald’s family photograph. “I always take it on business trips, so they are with me all the time.”

Lyndsey Browne, Group Bid Manager always packs her running kit, “I’m a bit addicted to getting a run recorded on my Strava account whenever I travel. Seeing a different route mapped out with famous landmarks along the way is a lovely memory.”

On the subject of sport, football fans Alberto Hernandez, Relocation Manager and Christian Franz, Account Director Germany will always take the t-shirt of their beloved teams away with them. Alberto can often be spotted wearing his Rayo Vallecano top, “the smallest and worst football team in Madrid” he tells us. Christian is a passionate Bayern Munich supporter and like Alberto, the top makes a frequent appearance in his suitcase.

What do you never travel without? Tweet us @Sterling_GMC using the hashtag #INeverTravelWithout 


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