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Get a head start in Japan and be 2020 ready

During the last two weeks, 292 athletes from 92 countries around the world have been making history together in PyeongChang, South Korea at the XXIII Olympic Winter Games.

Global audiences have been hooked on the thrills and spills of Boarder Cross and Short Track, charmed by the troupe of 230 North Korean cheerleaders and applauded the return of the Norwegian men’s Curling team’s attention grabbing trousers, each game a new wild design.

Making history together

History has been made with 1,200 drones performing at the Opening Ceremony, six countries making their debut and Norway breaking the record for the most medals won in a single Olympics.

As the events got underway all eyes were on Women’s Ice Hockey as, united by sport and brushing aside political tensions, players from both South and North Korea formed the first unified Korean team in history.

Elsewhere Women’s Bobsleigh made history with Mica Moore and Mica McNeill using a crowdfunding campaign to become Britain’s first ever competitor’s in the event, alongside Nigerian’s Seun Adigun and Akuoma Omeoga who became the first representatives of an African nation.

Pita Taufatofua, enjoyed representing Tonga in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games Taekwondo event so much he taught himself cross country skiing so he could compete in both the Summer and Winter Games. Learning to ski on snow just three months prior to the event, the Polynesian island’s only athlete in PyeongChang stated he had two goals “finish before they turn the lights off” and “don’t crash into a tree”. He succeeded in both.

Relocation ready

Now PyeongChang 2018 has come to end, the task of continuing to make history will remain in the APAC region, with Japan hosting both the 2019 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Summer Olympic Games.

These may seem a long way off but organisations looking to relocate employees to Japan are reminded that preparation can go a long way to ensure programme and assignment success.

Should assignments to these locations be planned, it is worthwhile:

  • Considering being flexible with assignment start dates so they fall well ahead or well after the event
  • Submitting immigration documentation ahead of time to ensure you are ahead of any delays caused by increased volume
  • Booking temporary accommodation well in advance as properties can become limited
  • Adjusting assignee housing allowances as rental prices may increase with demand
  • Setting expectations that life in these locations during the preparation and main event may be a little different to usual, with some disruption to “business as usual”

If you are considering relocating your employees to Japan, get in touch with a Sterling expert who will help make the assignment a success.

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