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Group moves, changing markets and beards. It’s all happened in Ben’s ten years at Sterling

Ben is Sterling’s expert in management of UK Guaranteed Home Sale and domestic relocation schemes. Taking time out from helping employees relocate within UK and ensuring client’s programmes are successful, Ben tells us about how he has been busy making history at Sterling.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement at Sterling?

One of my proudest moments is when one of our top 10 clients put their trust in Sterling to manage their domestic relocation programme fully in-house, when their HR Reward Specialist retired. My knowledge of their policies and business culture allows me to guide their business areas on the most effective relocation packages to mobilise their talent in a quick and cost effective way.

Tell us about a challenging situation you will always remember

I enjoy the challenge of a Group Move. The most challenging aspect of Group Moves for me is you often have several people competing with each other for the same properties, school places and moving dates. The key is effective planning and consistency, believe me, they all talk to each other! My team and I always ensure we work closely with HR and Line Managers to establish clear timelines and business needs. It’s also crucial to assess the needs of every employee and their families on a personal level. I enjoy having one to one’s with the employee and their family to help us really understand their needs and concerns. Establishing that relationship and understanding of their worries makes their move so much easier for all parties.

What Sterling value do you think you represent the most and why?

I can only pick one?! Caring: I really listen to my relocating employees and their families and I try to empathise with them as much as possible. I have moved home personally several times and I am currently in the process of selling and buying again with a young family in tow, if you have had a chain collapse I can feel your pain!

How has your career and skill set developed during your time at Sterling?

When I started my career in relocation I had the joys (and ease) of managing relocations in a rising housing market. I joined Sterling just as the UK housing market started to crash. The changing market not only provided me with great experience of managing expectations, it enabled me to be at the forefront of ever changing and evolving domestic relocation programmes.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Despite being here for 10 years I’m not as old you may think, it’s the beard that does it!

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