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STERLING COMPLIANCE: Complete Governance

Corporate responsibility is an integral part of being an effective, responsible organization. We manage our business in a way that is profitable, responsible and adds value to our customers and the wider society. Many of our clients have a particularly broad geographical footprint that includes hardship locations where compliance can be especially onerous. So we have rigorous processes in place to ensure that all suppliers conform to the same standards that we impose on ourselves, in particular:

    • Ethical treatment of all employees and suppliers
    • Respect human rights and dignity at work
    • Highest level of integrity in all transactions
    • Timely and proactive communication
    • Provide quality services that exceed industry standards
    • Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations

Behaving ethically and responsibly means that Sterling will:

  • Avoid conflicts of interest in our sourcing and selection process
  • Conduct our business without the payment or receipt of unlawful or unethical payments
  • Ensure all staff involved in establishing and managing supplier relationships are fully aware of Sterling’s and our clients expectations for ethical behavior and corporate responsibility
  • Work closely with suppliers to ensure our collective ethical responsibilities are understood and met


STERLING REPORTING: Comprehensive, Accurate and Accessible

All the information we capture during service delivery can be reported on. You can choose from a wide-range of standard reports, or we can customize reports for. Reporting is accurate, based on real-time data, captured with technology-driven processes that ensure accuracy and integrity.

Our reporting will give you full visibility of your program’s performance and identify clearly where there are opportunities, across service and locations, for cost savings and process improvements.

You can create and download reports, through your access controlled web portal.


STERLING SUPPLY CHAIN: World-Class Global Network delivering Local Expertise

Managing end-to-end global assignments requires a high-performing supply chain and we’ve invested heavily into building ours. Today, each of our suppliers consistently delivers first-class service and it is absolutely crucial to our success that they continue to do so. Therefore we keep a close eye on their service quality and monitor their performance every day.

Pulse: Monitoring Service Quality

Quality is crucial to us. To make certain that every relocating employee is receiving the best quality of service at every point of their relocation; we use an on-the-spot survey. Through ‘Pulse’ we receive instant feedback at the end of each milestone. For example, after the initial consultation is complete, our system would automatically send out a single-question survey asking “How did today’s immigration consultation go?”

The survey requests a one-click rating between 1 and 10. Any result under 7 would trigger an enquiry by our Account Management team. Using ‘Pulse’ we can track the quality of service at every step throughout the relocation –not only at the very end. This means we can assess the on-going success of each task and proactively step in to help if we need to.

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We want to say thank you for the professional and uncomplicated handling of our move from Switzerland to Germany. The team worked fast and professional, they were friendly, helpful and made that the move was done without stress.
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