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Ukraine: Immigration Policy Update

Latest updates to Ukraine’s immigration policy

As of 27th September 2017 the Ukraine Government has introduced many new changes to its immigration policy. New visa types, new permit durations, minimum salary and new documentary requirements have been created.

The new work permit categories include:

  • Highly paid professions
  • Foreign investors
  • Graduates
  • IT Specialists
  • Service providers

To renew a work permit the employee must file the extension 40 days prior to expiry. Those on temporary residence must file their extension 10 days prior to their visa expiry.

Work and temporary residence permits issued for the above immigration categories will be eligible to stay in the Ukraine for 3 years. Those on Intra company transfers will be allowed to remain in the Ukraine for the duration of their work placement (even if it exceeds 3 years).

Those applying for work permits and trainee programs will not have to provide health and police registration certificates. However, they will have to provide employment contacts at the time of application. University diplomas will only be needed from graduates of the top 100 global universities.

There is now a minimum salary that is in place, employers will have to pay foreign nationals at least 10 times the Ukrainian minimum monthly salary (approximately $12’000USD per month). It is worth noting that investors, IT Specialists and graduates are exempt from the minimum salary.

Under the new laws, employers are under obligation to notify the employment authorities within 30 days of any changes to the organisation name or structure and changes to the name, job title or name of the employee who holds the work permit.

While it is at the discretion of the Ukrainian authorities to reject any work/residence/trainee applications an employer is now allowed to contest any grounds of rejection and resubmit the same application.

More information

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