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India: Extension of Reporting Requirements

Latest update on India’s extension of reporting requirements

The Ministry of Home Affairs have launched a new scheme which requires records of foreign nationals to be updated in order to prevent overstaying in the country. The new scheme requires hotels and landlords in the cities of Gurgaon and Jamnagar to report on the occupancy of foreign tenants by submitting “Form C”. This form must be submitted by the hotel or landlord within 24 hours of the foreign national’s arrival.

Landlords based in Gurgaon must also submit a new Tenant Verification Form. Submission of this form must be completed in person at the police station located in the relevant jurisdiction.

In light of these changes, it would be prudent for foreign nationals staying in Gurgaon and Jamnagar to have confirmed accommodation prior to arrival to prevent any delays associated with the registration process.

Tax Clearance requirement imposed on Short-Term Assignees residing in Gurgaon


Foreign nationals on short term assignments for up to 6 months living in Gurgaon who hold Residential Permits will now receive an endorsement. This endorsement will stipulate that a No Objection Certificate/ Tax Clearance Certificate from the Indian Income Tax Department must be submitted. Foreign nationals should contact a tax consultant to apply for the Tax Clearance Certificate before the endorsement can be cleared at the Foreigners’ Registration Office (FRO) in Gurgaon

Submission of the form must be sent to the FRO in Gurgaon prior to the departure of the foreign national.

On departure any foreign nationals holding Residential Permits will not be able to leave India without first presenting a copy of the Tax Clearance Certificate and the subsequent endorsement concerned cleared.

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