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Ghana: New guidelines to be published by the Petroleum Commission

Latest  update on Ghana’s new guidelines published by the Petroleum Commission

On June 2nd 2018, the Petroleum Commission will implement the following guidelines with regards to the employment of foreign nationals in Ghana:

  • Only resident Ghanaians are to be employed in junior and mid-level positions in the petroleum sector
  • Each job application must be submitted with a job description, qualification and certifications to the Petroleum Commission three months prior to the start date
  • Job advertisements must run for at least one week in two Ghanaian newspapers
  • Interviews of Ghanaian nationals may be observed by a member of the Petroleum Commission
  • Where a foreign national is selected for a role, employers must submit copies of the job adverts, as well as the CV’s and interview transcripts of the unsuccessful Ghanaian applicants to the Petroleum Commission for review. After this review the Petroleum Commission will either allow or deny the employer to apply for a work permit
  • The foreign nationals work permit must be applied for within three months of the approval
  • If there is a justifiable reason that the work permit cannot be applied for within three months, the employer can apply for a waiver, which will allow them to apply when it is possible
  • When the work permit application has been made, a Ghanaian national with a similar professional background must be trained and mentored by the foreign national to take over the position when the work permit expires

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