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Australia: Amendments to Criteria for Subclass 457 Accredited Sponsorship Status

Latest on Amendments to criteria for subclass 457

Visa sponsors under subclass 457 who have acquired an extensive history of suitable dealings with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) are eligible to become Accredited Sponsors.

New qualifying criteria for Accredited Sponsors will be introduced from 1 July 2016. A reduction in the necessary quantity of applications that a sponsor is required to file to meet this requirement will be applied. The new criteria is as follows:

  • All Australian employees must be paid the current market rate salary or above;
  • 75% of the employers work force must be Australian nationals;
  • All 457 visa holders are to be employed under a direct written contract of employment that meets the National Employment Standards; and
  • Companies are required to provide specifics of all principles, directors and business activities undertaken by the employer to the department as is required for standard business sponsorship applications;
  • A considerable reduction in the number of sponsored 457 primary visa holders to 10 in a 24 month period; and
  • The employer must have been an active sponsor for a minimum of three years with a break of no more than six months in the past 39 months. In addition there must not be any sanctions, warnings or unfavourable information held against the employer.

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